6 Valid Reasons: Why Is Redesigning A Website Essential for Your Business

In today’s digital age one of the most important parts of any business is a good-looking, responsive, and user-friendly website. While a user is visiting your website and feels outdated or out of the loop it makes your website uninteresting. Making your first impression a fantastic one and attracting your user to fill out ‘request a quote form one can have with a website redesign. By redesigning a website it will give a great user experience. For doing with the website redesign one should consider in both terms i.e. quantitative & qualitative. Try to increase the user base and creation & addition of new content to increase your target audience. Let’s see how website redesign is important for your business and helps in branding as well.

How Often & When You Should Redesign Your Website?

Sometimes new UX principles emerge into the markets with the latest updates. There are also other small updates that one can substitute for their website. Mostly for a business, after 2-3 years one can have a good go with a website redesign. Here are some of the questions that you need to answer before redesigning your website.

  • Has your brand name & logo changed?
  • Your competitor’s site is more attractive than yours?
  • Is your business website looking old and outdated?
  • Is it taking more loading time and being unresponsive?
  • Difficult to add new tools?
  • Are your conversion rate decreasing and users finding it difficult to find information on your site?

If you can answer some of the above questions then one should go to redesigning the website.

Benefits of Website Redesign


Rather than building it again from scratch, redesigning is the right way one can choose. Analyze your website, create an audit and then implement the strategy that helps to improve user experience and increase sales. This will help to attract more audience towards your business as well as increase revenue generation.

Brand Identity

Your website represents your brand. Hence, even if you are going pretty well with your website there are updates after some duration that has also to be consistent. Having a redesigning part allows you to move forward and get new users to your website.

Site Performance & SEO

Not only with redesigning parts. One must consider the search engine rules that will make your website SEO friendly. Your website must consist of relevant content with keywords. So that there are chances of users visiting your website using a particular keyword. Optimize your website and make it SEO-friendly as well.

Content Strategy

It has rightly been saying the CONTENT IS KING. Your content will enhance users and have good optimized results. Refresh your content strategy after some duration that will help to increase your online presence. This will help you to create a uniform, modified, and cohesive platform for your business.

Optimization & Site Speed

Having an older and outdated CMS will lead to technical complications that will affect UX design, SEO, and conversion rate. Hence, it is important to update your CMS that will improve vulnerabilities, functionalities as well as website performance. Give a brand relook to your website using website redesign. Your website should have a good mobile as well as desktop speed that is responsive in different screen resolutions.


One of the most intimidating things for a business is redesigning a website. But one thing is for sure, it will have a greater impact on your brand as well as customers. There are different benefits of having redesigning as mentioned earlier that will help to grow your business online. If your website sounds uninteresting and unattractive, we at Onexcell are here to provide a complete solution for branding, website redesign, and website development. Get connected with our team that will derive you with the best solution for your website.